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From the creators of leading cloud graphics company, OTOY, whose technology has been used to create fan favorites such as Westworld, Star Wars: Rogue One, and The Avengers, RNDR transforms the power of GPU compute into a blockchain-based decentralized economy of connected 3D assets. RNDR was built on the mission of helping content creators, scientists, and anyone else requiring complex rendering activity the ability to render advanced visual works at a much faster and more affordable rate, while also safely and securely storing their creations. Moreover, because visual effects such as VR and AR require massive amounts of computing power to be able to produce real-time results, the demand for a cloud rendering platform that can handle this work has increased exponentially, but until now, no system has existed that scales the rendering speed and efficiency to do so. In a similar fashion to how AirBnB opted to use existing properties as opposed to building their own, RNDR harnesses the “power of the crowd.” The company compensates GPU owners that rent out their machines in return for tokens, which can then be used to render jobs they will need in the future. Through this, RNDR has built a network that generated a global decentralized system of graphics processing units powering the world’s largest cloud network of its kind, and democratizing access to the everyday creator. Additionally, to further the platform’s mission of aiding the entertainment industry in a constantly evolving landscape, RNDR has partnered with Decentraland, a leading blockchain-powered virtual reality platform, to provide the rendering power for their ecosystem of creators. Additionally, RNDR and OTOY have joined an Advisory Board member of The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) to assist in developing world-class industry security solutions and smart content standards on the blockchain alongside major studios and media industry leaders.

Press and media coverage

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