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If you want to have a popular and winning API, you need to view it like a product that has an ecosystem built around it. Building an ecosystem around an API requires that you publish your technical documents, build and support a developer community, build and support a partner community of the companies that the developers work for, and build a marketplace where your customers can discover the added value of your API and that of your ecosystem partners. Developerprogram.com makes, and has deployed the only off-the-shelf developer and partner ecosystem management platform called dpEngine. dpEngine is a proven, SaaS platform that enables our customers to create, manage, and scale their API-based developer, partner, and marketplace ecosystems. dpEngine comes with four modules (Publisher, Developer, Partner, Marketplace). In addition, it includes very important features to provide great developer experience and lifecycle management. The first of these is Role-Based-Access. This allows you to engage and connect internal AND external stakeholders, give them access to appropriate assets on the portal, and control that access with easily assigned roles. The next feature, and the biggest everyday time saver, is Workflow Automation. It enables cost-effective scaling of your developer or partner program, provides a seamless user experience, and handles processes like developer registration, support ticketing, and application submission/certification. A third big feature included in dpEngine is Advanced Reporting. Administrators can view dashboard-level summaries/trends and detailed reports as well as download data for offline analysis.

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