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Built with today’s hybrid, multi-cloud architectures in mind, Kong’s open source API platform enables developers, DevOps engineers and solutions architects to easily connect, manage and secure APIs for microservices, cloud, serverless and other modern architectures. With more than 54 million downloads and hundreds of contributors from the global open source community, Kong is the most widely used open source API platform today. It is currently used by thousands of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, including Yahoo! Japan, Ferrari, WeWork, SoulCycle and Healthcare.gov. As a platform-agnostic technology, Kong runs in front of any service and is extended through plugins, including authentication, traffic control and observability. The latest version combines sub-millisecond low latency, linear scalability and unparalleled flexibility with a robust feature set, support for service mesh patterns, Kubernetes Ingress controller and backward compatibility between versions. Service mesh support enables Kong to be deployed alongside each instance to broker information flow between services and automatically scale as those services scale. Through Kong’s Kubernetes Ingress controller, users can tie directly to the Kubernetes lifecycle. As applications are deployed and new services are created, Kong automatically live configures itself to serve traffic to these services. Additionally, new migrations functionality eases any necessary migrations from one database schema to another with zero downtime when upgrading to a new version of Kong.

Press and media coverage

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