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RedwoodConnect is the next generation cloud native supply chain connectivity platform. By rapidly bridging the API gap and centralizing the data integration flow between your partners, customers and suppliers, RedwoodConnect delivers the advantage of real-time supply chain visibility and data driven insight. With highly modular business process orchestration, and scale-on-demand cloud compute capacity, RedwoodConnect ensures your data supply chain will continue to evolve with your supply chain ecosystem.

Press and media coverage

- Redwood Logistics won MarketWaves18 Demo Day Best in Show for Eric Rempel’s and John Pattison’s demonstration of the company's primary middleware: RedwoodConnect: https://www.redwoodlogistics.com/watch-marketwaves-18-demo-redwoodconnect/ - FreightWaves Magazine: MarketWaves18's Demo Day Best in Show: https://www.freightwaves.com/news/marketwaves18-best-in-show