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If we take a traditional enterprise app that might require, say, six months, a dozen people, and two million dollars to build and deploy, and reduce those figures to two weeks, three people, and fifty thousand dollars – and end up with a faster, higher quality, more flexible app to boot – then who suffers? Many constituents of the ecosystem. However, far smaller in number and value than the ones who could benefit from an alternate approach. CA Live API Creator is an innovative, low-code approach to developing, deploying and executing APIs and Microservices in a fraction of the time taken by traditional application development methods. Live API Creator’s powerful and easy-to-use interfaces (UI/API/CLI), point-and-click API shaping, declarative business logic, built-in developer tools and interactive data integration and exploration capabilities make it an ideal choice for building independent and deployment-ready APIs. Live API Creator enables design-time definition and runtime execution for the full spectrum of an application backend—API, logic, and data/integration which are key to the development and deployment of applications in a microservice architecture. Live API Creator provides Reactive Logic to define business rules that make the API/Microservice development 40x More Concise and 10X Faster than the traditional API/App development approaches. The key value proposition of Live API Creator is Speed, Simplicity, and Scalability. Developers and Businesses can realize instant time-to-value. The realization of a full solution is possible right at its onset with instant enterprise class APIs and an end-to-end solution prototype with a dynamic UI - making Live API Creator a differentiation choice for API Infrastructure in any environment- simple or complex.

Press and media coverage

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