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Routing API

About technology

TomTom’s Routing API is a suite of web services designed for developers to use TomTom’s latest scalable routing engine. The Routing API, coupled with TomTom’s industry-leading traffic data and extensive historical traffic database, enables calculation of the fastest, shortest or most eco-friendly route between an origin and destination, considering both real-time and historical and traffic conditions. As a result, applications that use TomTom's Routing API can provide users with highly accurate travel times, live updated travel information and route instructions for multiple transportation types such as cars, trucks, bicycle and pedestrians. The Routing API also allows batch processing of routing requests as well as calculation of a matrix of route summaries for a set of routes defined with origin and destination locations. Additional common use cases developers can implement include: - Calculate departure times by planning routes using desired arrival times - Plan multiple alternative routes through one single API call - Plan a route through up to 50 intermediate waypoints - Plot the route geometry on map tiles from TomTom or other map suppliers - Plan a round trip through at least one intermediate point - Calculate the travel time of pre-existing routes (like routes created using GPS trace data or routes planned with other routing engines) - Plan a route which avoids toll roads, ferries or other types of roads - Plan a route using TomTom’s elaborated consumption models for both electric and combustion engines - Draw a polygon of the reachable range with the current fuel/energy budget - Evaluate the amount of fuel/energy needed for any route

Press and media coverage

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