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Traffic API

About technology

With TomTom’s Traffic API, TomTom’s world-class Traffic information can be displayed in different styles and flavors. This web service suite gives developers access to the following endpoints: Traffic Incidents and Traffic Flow, which can be overlaid on top of TomTom maps to visualize the congestion level, traffic jams, roadworks, blocked roads, closures and more. Even more detailed information such as the length, delay, impacted street names and speeds of traffic jams can be provided and interactively used by applications. With Traffic Incidents, developers can provide their users with an accurate view of the traffic jams and incidents around the road network. With Traffic Flow, they can retrieve detailed information about traffic jams and traffic-related incidents, including real-time observed speeds and travel times (based on data from TomTom Traffic) for all key roads in the network. Common use cases developers can implement include: - Display real-time traffic incident data on a map or display real-time traffic segment speed data on a map - Indicate the severity of the current traffic condition with colored tubes indicating the delay severity - Display traffic delay data with delay details like location details, length and delay - Indicate the accurate location of slowdowns with colored tubes indicating the delay severity - Obtain current traffic speed information with information about the real-time speed per road segment and display them on a TomTom map - Combine the Traffic Flow Speed information with other real-time traffic information for a Traffic Management Monitoring application - Display segment details like freeflow speed, current speed and confidence values

Press and media coverage

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