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Allstate Roadside Rescue API

About technology

Allstate Roadside Service (ARS) Rescue-API provides developers ready-access to powerful roadside rescue capabilities from the ARS Network. Publically debuting in 2017, Allstate became the first Roadside Provider to expose to the market a publically visible Roadside Rescue API Ecosystem. https://developer.arity.com/roadside-service. A powerful API innovation enabling developers to deliver fully digital “Rescue as a Service” (RaaS) capabilities to customers including access to Allstate’s network of roadside service providers. Developers can request roadside assistance (e.g. Tow, Tire-change, Lockout, Fuel) and track the real-time status/location of the rescuer without requiring human interaction. Developers can offer RaaS to users leveraging Benefits and/or Pay Per Use (PPU) models. In the Benefits model, consumers can purchase roadside memberships containing rescue claims to use during the membership period. The PPU model allows consumers to purchase roadside assistance on-demand at the time of need. The API delivers the industries only API powered Roadside Rescue PPU capability built on Allstate’s Good Hand Rescue (GHR) https://m.goodhandsrescue.com/ghrm. Launched in March-2018, developers can deliver a PPU roadside rescue experience based on GHR while revenue sharing with Allstate to earn money on rescues initiated from their innovation! For the first time RaaS can be delivered from virtually any imaginable user experience using this key differentiator. We also “fly our own jets’. The Rescue-API is consumed internally to deliver over 20+ white labeled Roadside applications to partners.

Press and media coverage

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