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If your team leverages other applications that may need to send, retrieve, or update data in SimpleLegal, or if data within SimpleLegal needs to pass to another application, an API integration can provide an efficient and streamlined process to do so, help save you time, and eliminate costly errors. Integrating your technology opens a whole world of possibilities and could be a powerful competitive advantage. The SimpleLegal API allows for new ways to provide value and extend the functionality of your legal tech stack. You can pull data from SimpleLegal and customize your process with the ability to: • Quickly create new vendors, users, matters, and payments in SimpleLegal • Easily retrieve relevant SimpleLegal data like list of matters, invoices, cost codes, etc. • Seamlessly update your matters, vendors and invoices in SimpleLegal

Press and media coverage

SimpleLegal hosted this panel in San Francisco, December 2018 talking about Legal Ops being the next innovation - utilizing under the hood tech like APIs. Coverage: Google, Square Officials Point to Hot Market for Legal Operations Experts https://www.law.com/therecorder/2018/12/13/google-square-officials-point-to-hot-market-for-legal-operations-experts How to become a Data-Driven Legal Team https://www.law.com/therecorder/2018/11/05/how-to-become-a-data-driven-legal-team/ The Leading Platform for Legal Operations Management" https://epodcastnetwork.com/the-leading-platform-for-legal-operations-management/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIiQ9om-62s&feature=youtu.be