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AI Layer

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Algorithmia's AI Layer: The OS for AI Productionizing machine learning requires a different set of IT infrastructure and workflows than traditional programming. Algorithmia solves this challenge by offering the AI Layer, which is an abstraction layer that connects models, hardware, and applications—think of it as an operating system for machine learning. Machine learning developers must learn a whole new realm of technologies: DevOps, full-stack deployment, etc. to get their models into production. Conversely, frontend developers wanting to use machine learning need to learn backend, data science, GPU management, etc. Algorithmia's AI Layer bridges this gap, allowing each group to focus on what they are good at: ML developers put their models into production seamlessly, get automatic API, load-balancing, elasticity, etc. Frontend developers can pick and choose from tens of thousands of available models and start using them right away by just copying a simple code sample.

Press and media coverage

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