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Mia Cognitive Agent

About technology

An advanced team of engineers have built an AI technology to increase developer productivity by up to 100x. This is an AI solution that saves $$$$ billions in lost development productivity, and already in stealth beta production with a large Wall Street financial company. This is game changing for enterprise and legacy software such as COBOL. Meet phase change and the cognitive agent Mia. Currently in stealth beta with a large Wall Street financial, with plans to expand in 2019. Mia has a conceptual understanding of application source code and uses natural language technology to convey that knowledge to its human collaborators. Mia helps organizations retain the expert knowledge encoded in their software, allowing developers to better understand their applications, even when the original developers have left the organization. Mia is a fusion of cognitive computing, computational mathematics, and human-centric principles that reads in source code, extracts and shares its knowledge. Through collaboration with human developers, Mia increases software development productivity exponentially. Here is a video introduction of the Mia agent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87CfEIzcr6g&feature=youtu.be

Press and media coverage

Expected press to hit in Q1 2019.