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Eggplant AI

About technology

Eggplant AI uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics that optimize test execution to find defects and maximize coverage of user journeys. Using enhanced algorithms, Eggplant AI helps teams intelligently navigate applications, predict where quality issues are most likely to occur and correlate data to quickly identify and resolve issues. Benefits • Increase productivity by automating test-case creation to cover all user journeys. • Improve the UX by finding more defects using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics. • Predict where quality issues are most likely to pop up and correlate data to identify and resolve them quickly. • Integrate Eggplant AI into your CI/CD pipeline and automatically send results to test management systems. • Prioritize the most important real user journeys to test. • Reduce scripting efforts by over 90 percent. Eggplant AI enables teams to expand automation beyond test execution by automating the creation of test cases from a model of the application. And by using learning algorithms to select the best paths to take to optimize tests for coverage and find defects. Additionally, it provides key capabilities to help DevOps teams focus testing on what really matters to your users and your business. Eggplant AI enables you to generate thousands and even millions of new test cases. With the solution’s enhanced coverage models, you can compare coverage levels based on sequences of actions and combinations of parameter values. Eggplant AI is the future of testing and is the only way software, and app vendors are going to keep up with the demands of users and the pace of DevOps.

Press and media coverage

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