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CleverTap Mobile Marketing Platform

About technology

CleverTap is an enterprise customer data platform which helps marketers and product teams measure the impact of engagement strategies through every touch point in the customer journey. CleverTap integrates real-time analytics and marketing to optimize engagement across customer lifecycle. CleverTap helps increase user engagement in three ways: - Combine customer data from online and offline channels to build comprehensive, unified customer profiles as they interact with your brand - Track users actions in-app to analyze how people use your product and predict changes in user preferences instantaneously. - Segment users based on actions and run targeted 1-1 messaging campaigns across 10+ channels. - Analyze each of your campaigns to understand impact on user engagement to predict and improve business metrics. There are five key aspects to CleverTap which make it a customer engagement platform of choice: - SDKs that let product leader track users’ actions within mobile apps and websites. Our SDKs enable personalization of app by giving access to user profile data. - APIs that allow pushing user profile or event data from any source to CleverTap and exporting to BI tools and enrich customer information in CRMs. - Dashboard where users can be segmented based on their actions, run targeted campaigns, and analyze each campaign’s performance. - Integrations with communication platforms like SendGrid and Twilio, attribution providers like Branch and Tune, and remarketing platforms like Facebook Audience Network. - Webhooks that trigger workflows in backend systems as soon as qualifying events occur. - A proprietary technology stack that allows rapid event processing and auto-scales as per customer needs.

Press and media coverage

1. We offered analytics and engagement on the same platform: Anand Jain (https://www.livemint.com/Companies/wWMeB6EWkRBVatyY7xJOXK/We-offered-analytics-and-engagement-on-the-same-platform-An.html) 2. The power of predictive marketing (https://appdevelopermagazine.com/6426/2018/11/19/the-power-of-predictive-marketing) 3. CleverTap Launches Automated Customer Journeys To Enable More Effective Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns (https://adtechdaily.com/2018/08/30/clevertap-launches-automated-customer-journeys-to-enable-more-effective-omnichannel-marketing-campaigns/) 4. CleverTap Mobile Marketing Solution is the First in Market to Make an Entry into Psychographic Segmentation, Powered by Machine Learning (https://clevertap.com/news/press-release/clevertap-mobile-marketing-solution-psychographic-segmentation/) 5. How to drive app growth with smart mobile analytics (https://deccanchronicle.com/technology/in-other-news/290818/how-to-drive-app-growth-with-smart-mobile-analytics.html) 6. CleverTap Targets Marketers With Advanced ML Solutions (http://www.cxotoday.com/story/clevertap-targets-marketers-with-advanced-ml-solutions/) 7. CleverTap Enables Marketers to Optimize Customer Engagement (http://bwcio.businessworld.in/article/CleverTap-Enables-Marketers-to-Optimize-Customer-Engagement/13-06-2018-151822/)