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Unified Analytics Platform

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Given the highly iterative nature of AI development, companies need to cycle through the lifecycle of preparing data, training models, and production deployment quickly. Because data systems are not enabled for AI and AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and SciKit-Learn don’t do data processing it’s very hard for enterprises to succeed in AI without an army of highly sophisticated engineers and data scientists. Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, powered by Apache Spark, lowers the barrier for enterprises to innovate with AI and accelerates their innovation. This managed Cloud service auto-scales Spark clusters and includes an enhanced version of Spark that is up to 50x faster. It adds data reliability to exploratory data stored in Cloud Data Lakes, making it much faster (weeks) and more reliable to build complex data pipelines at massive scale (prepare petabytes of historical data with real-time data) for AI. Databricks’ collaborative notebooks are tightly integrated with cloud-native Spark clusters and enable data scientists to productively execute their complete AI lifecycle - explore large datasets, AI applications data through simple SQL queries, advanced analytics in R and Python or build predictive models using ML/DL. It's the best-in-class collaborative platform that truly unifies data science and data engineering for fast iterations of data prep, model training and production deployment. Databricks’ customers also benefit from data security, compliance and reduced DevOps costs. All of this means organizations can finally apply AI across their data and drive disruptive innovations to the market.

Press and media coverage

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