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Developed by EPAM to manage our own complex, IT services business, TelescopeAI was officially launched in 2018 and made broadly available to customers to optimize tech teams and projects to ensure high-quality delivery. Leveraging EPAM’s dedicated team of product development professionals and 25+ years of software engineering expertise, TelescopeAI uses artificial intelligence to give clients a 360-degree view of their operations, offering the foresight necessary to lower costs and increase efficiency. From employee utilization to engagement and project monitoring to execution, TelescopeAI allows companies to make better informed decisions, faster. TelescopeAI uses advanced artificial intelligence and powerful predictive analytics to help our client’s business operate at peak performance. Here are some of the advantages of using TelescopeAI: • Ability to connect and aggregate data from multiple systems of record creating an effective system-of-insight • Connect and engage with employees across the enterprise proactively (discover people with specific technical skills who could fill new roles or contribute to projects) resolving retention issues and increasing job satisfaction • Effectively visualize and communicate projects’ statuses, trends, issues, and risks at any level – from enterprise-wide down to individual teams • Consolidate the KPIs that matter in a flexible, customizable dashboard • Review IT costs and ROIs of projects and activities, as well as the impact they have on the budget • Assess key risks and challenges in projects and identify potential solutions based on historical data and visualize project timelines and future projections • Assess code quality including long-term code maintainability • Gauge the productivity of technology teams engaged in projects

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