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InfoNgen™ is an AI-based text analytics engine that leverages the power of NLP and machine learning to help small-to-large enterprises find, analyze, and share information critical to staying competitive. InfoNgen™ pulls text from more than 200,000 public sources, along with any number of internal sources, into a single, unified view, allowing users to see hidden patterns, trends and anomalies with its proprietary tools for text analytics and new feature-based sentiment analysis. InfoNgen™’s powerful, intelligent search and discovery features include plug-and-play connectors to private and corporate clouds or on-premise file storages, emails, databases, corporate subscriptions and paywall content. InfoNgen™ ingests, aggregates and searches content in 30 languages to help its clients filter the signal from the noise in their search results and has introduced this year Relevancy Tuning Capabilities for an even more personalized search experience. Since launching the product in 2004, the InfoNgen™ product team accumulated deep domain expertise in over 10 verticals including Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Tech, Retail / CPG and Legal, developing prebuilt, state-of-the-art ontologies tailored to its clients’ needs. Available out-of-the-box or built from scratch, InfoNgen™'s industry-specific taxonomies include over 600,000 total pre-tagged entities, giving its users quick time-to-insight through the power of text analytics. This year InfoNgen™ has developed advanced content deduplication, feature-based sentiment analysis, and a knowledge graph feature to deliver superior analysis faster. With a new UI, API, and pre-built enterprise data connectors, InfoNgen™ continues to strengthen its ability to adapt to and serve the users.

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