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Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant

About technology

Interactions develops Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) that handle customer engagement for some of the largest enterprises in the world, including Hyatt, TXU Energy, Shutterfly and Lifelock. Interactions IVA is powered by a unique combination of the latest in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning and proprietary technology like Adaptive Understanding™ to enable enterprises to automate and scale their customer care solutions, while maintaining brand consistency across channels. This sophisticated technology allows customers to communicate in natural, open-ended conversations on any channel - including voice, web chat, SMS and social media. This prevents key challenges like the frustration of engaging in ‘robot-speak’ with an ineffective automated solution, or having to choose from a restrictive list of dial menu options. What’s more, this year Interactions integrated full omnichannel capabilities into its industry-leading IVA solution, empowering both businesses and customers to seamlessly transition across channels, without experiencing disruption. While most so-called “omnichannel” providers require customers to start over if they switch channels mid-conversation, Interactions IVA enables customers to pick up exactly where they left off, without repeating themselves. The ability for customers to seamlessly navigate across channels without losing context greatly lowers customer effort and delivers a persistent and personalized customer experience at every point of contact. The introduction of omnichannel capabilities is the latest in Interactions’ ongoing efforts to transform enterprise customer engagement by making conversations between companies and customers more efficient and productive.

Press and media coverage

-MarTech Today: Interactions launches AI-based intelligent assistant platform that keeps the conversation going across channels (6/1/18 - https://martechtoday.com/interactions-launches-ai-based-intelligent-assistant-platform-that-keeps-the-conversation-going-across-channels-216380) -BuiltIn Boston: No more live agents: Why Interactions thinks virtual assistants are the future (8/31/18 - https://www.builtinboston.com/2018/08/31/interactions-virtual-assistants) -CustomerThink: Interactions Ushers In Era of Modern Customer Engagement with AI-powered Omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant Capabilities (5/22/18- https://customerthink.com/interactions-ushers-in-era-of-modern-customer-engagement-with-ai-powered-omnichannel-intelligent-virtual-assistant-capabilities/) -The Digital Enterprise: Interactions Releases AI-powered Omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant to Enhance Customer Engagement (5/23/18 - https://www.thedigitalenterprise.com/news/marketing/interactions-releases-ai-powered-omnichannel-intelligent-virtual-assistants-to-enhance-customer-engagement/) - Contact Center World: Interactions Introduces AI-powered Omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant Capabilities (5/22/18 - https://www.contactcenterworld.com/view/contact-center-news/interactions-introduces-ai-powered-omnichannel-intelligent-virtual-assistant.aspx) -Press Release: Interactions Wins Customer Contact Week ‘Omnichannel Provider of the Year’ Award (6/21/18 - https://www.interactions.com/press-releases/ccw-omnichannel-provider-of-the-year-award/) -Press Release: Interactions Wins “Best Intelligent Assistant Innovation” at AIConics Awards (9/24/18 - https://www.interactions.com/press-releases/interactions-wins-best-intelligent-assistant-innovation-at-aiconics-awards/)