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Drive.ai driverless vehicles

About technology

Drive.ai has always prioritized integrating state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and deep learning for its self-driving cars to achieve a safer and smoother driving experience. Drive.ai has built a fully in-house data stack that is constantly evolving and learning based on its environment and surroundings. Together, the software and hardware Drive.ai has built allows their vehicles to safely navigate any driving environment, from crowded urban streets to rush hour commuter traffic. Beyond well developed AI, Drive.ai uses unique external communications panels and internal displays powered by deep learning to clearly communicate the vehicle’s intended actions with riders, other drivers, and others on the road. The combination of Drive.ai’s proprietary deep learning platform, full data stack, and over one million simulated miles prepares the vehicles for any number of situations they may encounter, such as rough weather, double parked vehicles, and busy parking lots. Drive.ai believes not only in making passengers feel comfortable and at ease, but also in building confidence in autonomous vehicles for pedestrians and other drivers on the road. Deep learning informs every step of the design process for the end-user experience both inside and outside of the vehicle.

Press and media coverage

The following list is only the top highlights of press coverage Drive.ai has received. CBS News: Self-driving passenger vans hit the road in Texas city https://www.cbsnews.com/news/self-driving-passenger-vans-hit-the-road-in-texas-city/ WIRED: The self-driving startup teaching cars to talk https://www.wired.com/story/driveai-self-driving-design-frisco-texas/ The Verge: The self-driving cars hitting the road in Texas today are unlike any we’ve seen before https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/30/17622540/drive-ai-self-driving-car-ride-share-texas The Economist: A more realistic route to autonomous driving https://www.economist.com/business/2018/08/02/a-more-realistic-route-to-autonomous-driving TIME Money: These Are the 50 Hottest Startups to Work For Right Now http://time.com/money/5387420/best-startups-to-work-for/ Axios: States are sewing a patchwork of AV regulations https://www.axios.com/states-are-sewing-a-patchquilt-to-regulate-av-f7577b90-966c-46ef-8ab2-b616e31ab3b0.html Mashable: This city is letting people try out self-driving cars for free https://mashable.com/article/driveai-self-driving-cars-public-rides/#45cUB8BWXsq7