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As video drives modern methods of customer engagement, developers play a growing and vital role in driving innovation within the video operations lifecycle. Zype provides the infrastructure, APIs, and tools to help developers successfully launch awesome video apps and experiences. Zype’s Live Events APIs allow customers to build and launch incredible Live Broadcast experiences. The Live Events APIs provide access to every facet of live events management, from encoder management, creating and scheduling live events, to archiving completed live broadcasts, and more. Zype also provides a Ruby gem to quickstart building a custom live broadcasting solution. The Ruby gem allows for easy connection of complex live broadcasting workflows to support the video team’s needs. Most recently launched is the Zype Video Analytics API - the industry's most robust analytics and reporting APIs to help customers make better business decisions and simplify customer engagement for video. Zype Video Analytics API captures and provides granular data around video engagement, streaming and transaction trends. This information is crucial for making decisions for programming, merchandising and monetization. Zype's comprehensive analytics dashboard leverages the API to present data insights and common reporting views for video teams. With Zype Video Analytics API, developers can easily extend the power of Zype's built-in reporting tools by generating powerful custom queries and scheduled data exports which can be easily integrated with external reporting databases. This data can be extended to custom-built and third-party data warehouses, as well as software integrations with the entire enterprise SaaS and hosted application portfolio.

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Taming video distribution complexity for DTC providers http://www.nscreenmedia.com/taming-video-distribution-complexity/ Zype Simplifies Complex Workflows for Improved Video Content Management, Distribution and Monetization News of Note—CenturyLink, Comcast, Harmonic and Zype https://www.fiercevideo.com/regulatory/news-note-centurylink-comcast-harmonic-and-zype Zype Dials Up Its Video Content Management, Distribution, and Monetization Infrastructure For App, Social, and OTT Delivery https://www.sportsvideo.org/2018/10/10/zype-dials-up-its-video-content-management-distribution-and-monetization-infrastructure-for-app-social-and-ott-delivery/ Zype Launches Full Suite of Video Analytics APIs for Business Intelligence and Marketplace Connect for Universal Authentication for Mobile and Connected TV Applications http://www.sys-con.com/node/4345109 Zype Announces News Video Analytics APIs https://www.programmableweb.com/news/zype-announces-news-video-analytics-apis/brief/2018/11/14