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Srijan Technologies USA Inc

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Jira Assist is a packaged solution to automate redundant task of the scrum process by bundling together the AWS services to provide an easy medium of Duplex communication. It's an an AI enabled chatbot that is integrated with Jira (project management tool) and Amaon Alexa. The product is intended to consume the information and provide insights about a project by predicting risks and suggesting corrective measures. Jira Assist is able to: - Keep Check of Teams Progress - Remove Dependency on know how of JIRA Tool - Produce Better Insights - Help in Risk Management - Create Tasks in Atlassian Jira based on voice based Input With Jira Assist a user can control Atlassian JIRA with thir Voice! A user can ask Alexa about the Velocity, Blockers, Goals, Status etc. and can also create sub-tasks. Just say, “Alexa, open jira assist” to start controlling your JIRA account with your voice. You can ask for : “Tell me the status of the current sprint” “What are my goals of active release” “What are my blockers” “Tell me the velocity of my team” “Create subtask” “Create standard subtask under story number 139 ” It's as easy as that. To make things easier, you can also add default project and standard subtask by saying “Alexa, ask jira assist to configure settings”. Built with: Amazon Lex, Sumerian, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda It's available on Amazon Store inside Alexa skill: https://www.amazon.com/Srijan-Technologies-Jira-Assist/dp/B07K8KDPCG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542780962&sr=8-3&keywords=agile+assist

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