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In 2018, Temboo released Kosmos, the first end-to-end Software-as-a-Service for building complete Industrial Internet of Things systems. Kosmos enables businesses to more easily implement Internet-connected sensors, actuators, and machinery in their products, processes, and facilities. It’s unique among IoT offerings in that (1) customers don’t need to write any code to create IoT systems; (2) customers can use non-proprietary hardware from multiple vendors, even within the same system; and (3) Kosmos handles the development, maintenance, monitoring, and all other software aspects of IoT systems from beginning to end--other offerings require customers to link together several different services in order to create complete IoT systems. With Kosmos, organizations can collect data from the physical and digital worlds, remotely control and automate physical systems, and automatically implement Machine Learning models. These models generate insights and predictions, enabling predictive maintenance and optimization of systems for performance, power efficiency, and bandwidth usage. Customers use a unified web-based visual interface to develop these IoT systems with Kosmos, which then machine-generates all the required code and software application files for every hardware component in the system, optimized for the specific hardware involved, including the processors and wireless communication protocols used.

Press and media coverage

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