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Anaconda Enterprise

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With over eleven million users worldwide, Anaconda has become the industry standard for data science. Its Anaconda Enterprise offering enables organizations to develop, govern and automate ML/AI pipelines from laptop to production, giving business leaders and decision-makers the ability to receive insights instantly. With its recently added capabilities for NVIDIA GPU-accelerated, scalable machine learning and cloud-native model management, Anaconda Enterprise increased efficiencies within its popular AI enablement platform for teams at scale. Additionally, with Anaconda Enterprise 5, data science teams have control of the utilization of hardware resources when there is a mixture of CPU and GPU nodes in a cluster. Using cloud native approaches, including Docker and Kubernetes, Anaconda Enterprise 5 is designed to scale data science and machine learning across teams and clusters while simplifying and automating AI/ML governance and reproducibility. It is a tool that allows IT leaders and their teams to scale data science projects without access limitations, and it comes equipped with capabilities that allow for direct integration with an organization’s authentication, source code control and data lakes to ensure end-to-end governance and control. IDE (Integrated Development Environments) capabilities are also enhanced in Anaconda Enterprise 5.2.2 for data engineers and those looking to run database queries on Spark/Hive and JDBC with the integration of Apache Zeppelin, which builds on Anaconda Enterprise’s existing support for Jupyter and JupyterLab notebooks.

Press and media coverage

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