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Satisfi Labs and Mall of America Location Based AI Chatbot

About technology

This past December, Satisfi Labs collaborated with Mall of America to create a first of it’s kind location-based AI chatbot program that engages with consumers to provide faster customer service to busy shoppers. The chatbot lives on Mall of America’s website, mobile app, and Facebook page as an Amazon Alexa skill and as a physical manifestation through SoftBank’s Pepper, the humanoid robot, located at the mall. The chatbot is the first of its kind to reach shopping malls and is Satisfi Lab’s first fully integrated retail location bot that uses multiple data feeds, over different customer touch-points. The bot can answer complex questions around gifting, food recommendations, attractions and holiday events happening in America’s largest mall, based on a user’s specific location. The bot can accomplish the following tasks: Provide directions to all the stores, restaurants, attractions and services based on the user’s current location based on Mall of America’s location API Connect the user with a digital guest service representative in real-time if an ongoing AI conversation requires more information This holiday season, Satisfi will be releasing new features including a Food and Gift finder that builds on learnings from the previous year that the bot has been active. The AI technology uses the speed and accuracy of online automation combined with the personality of a live person, increasing customer engagement, transactions, and loyalty at physical and online locations. The result is increased online and on-premise sales, a better customer experience, deeper personalization, and higher NPS scores.

Press and media coverage

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