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Vision SDK

About technology

Mapbox is the leading real-time location data, mapping and design platform serving over 1.2 million developers. Its Vision SDK, unveiled in 2018, turns any connected camera into another set of eyes for a car, using highly efficient neural networks to process imagery directly on a user’s mobile or embedded devices. The Vision SDK works in conjunction with Mapbox's live traffic and navigation, allowing any developer on iOS and Android to build heads-up displays directly into their apps. This innovative technology enables AR navigation with turn-by-turn directions, classification of road signs, detection and segmentation of road features, customizable safety alerts, and more. The Vision SDK’s processing is powerful enough to detect lanes, vehicle distance and objects like pedestrians and traffic lights in real-time, yet compact enough to run on billions of mobile devices. Companies like Porsche are already experimenting with the Vision SDK in the design of their custom navigation experiences. As devices detect new data, applications built with the Vision SDK can classify road boundaries, lane markings, curbs, crosswalks, traffic signs, and more, and update the map in real time. This crowdsourced data can inform functions like real-time traffic and construction updates, leading to better driving experiences and smarter cities. By making it possible to process real-time driving data on mobile devices, Mapbox is enabling the growth of smarter cities. For example, a self-driving car developer could leverage this technology to track road closures and construction sites, or to understand pedestrian traffic at busy intersections.

Press and media coverage

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