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EVRYTHNG Blockchain Integration Hub

About technology

EVRYTHNG released its Blockchain Integration Hub to make it easy for consumer product brands to rapidly test and scale applications to deliver traceability, transparency, authenticity and reward tokens to customers through distributed ledger technology (DLT). Working with multiple third party Blockchain service providers, the EVRYTHNG Blockchain Integration Hub makes it easy to integrate blockchain capabilities with digitized consumer products at large scale, rapidly delivering applications and applying data intelligence. Consumer product brands now have more choices to harness the capabilities — think, provenance or loyalty — of different blockchains while keeping data in a scalable and enterprise-ready digital identity and data management platform. EVRYTHNG integrates the blockchain into the supply chain in a structured and scalable way to benefit both consumer product brands and their customers. Specific applications from EVRYTHNG partners include: -- Food Traceability (EVRYTHNG with OriginTrail) – public & immutable provenance data about raw materials, sustainability, farming methods, etc. -- Product Authenticity (EVRYTHNG with Tierion and OriginTrail) – products are given unique digital identities at the point of manufacture providing a link to immutable data about factory, production, distribution and intended market. -- Consumer Rewards (EVRYTHNG with BLOCKv) – Consumers purchase a product and scan the digital code (e.g., in an augmented reality game) leading to product registration and the possibility of digital rewards as blockchain tokens. It is important to note our Blockchain Integration Hub factors in objective findings from a research report the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) asked EVRYTHNG to lead. The report provides insight to the impact the blockchain will have on IoT.

Press and media coverage

https://www.momenta.partners/edge/insight-vector-bringing-blockchain-to-products-that-are-born-digital https://martechtoday.com/evrythng-launches-a-blockchain-utilizing-orchestration-hub-for-consumer-products-217284 https://evrythng.com/resources/white-papers/the-ledger-of-every-thing-what-blockchain-technology-can-and-cannot-do-for-iot/ (Link to the Blockchain Research Institute report referenced above.) https://evrythng.com/evrythng-joins-the-bri/