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cAppital Protocol

About technology

Mofiler is a decentralized platform for the gathering, enrichment and trading of data generated by millions of devices generating reliable revenue for app developers while making the data marketplace more accessible than ever before. Mofiler, running on top of the cAppital protocol, provides an alternative to the main data hubs such as Facebook and Google, while providing mobile app publishers with a monetization tool that allows users to control how and when their private information is used. The cAppital Protocol will enable the interaction among thousands of actors, generating a virtuous ecosystem and a potential multi-billion economy. Mofiler is a platform for the future of funding—powering data for the new equity blockchain.

Press and media coverage

https://www.ccn.com/mofiler-the-first-decentralized-platform-for-developers-to-monetize-their-ideas/ https://oracletimes.com/democratizing-data-monetization/ https://globalcoinreport.com/challenging-google-fb-mofiler-builds-decentralized-data-monetization-platform/ https://medium.com/@bryantafel/the-data-revolution-formula-c59453b946f6