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In 2018, we saw the live events ticketing industry go through some changes including Eventbrite’s headline-making IPO, Ticketfly’s data breach and artists like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran speaking out against scalpers banning secondary ticket sales. As the ticketing industry continues to evolve, a trend we can expect to take full force is an innovative technology called blockchain. “Blockchain,” is not just a buzzword, but a feasible solution to benefit consumers when it comes to purchasing event tickets. Blockparty is a blockchain-based live event ticketing platform that launched in May 2018. It’s built on the mission of improving the ticket purchasing process for concerts, sporting events, music festivals, and more. Blockparty aims to eradicate bots, eliminate fraud, verify ticket ownership, and create real demand in order to both deliver an optimal event ticketing experience for consumers, and to allow for sustainable growth for artists, venues and live event organizers. Frustrated by the issues they encountered while organizing events, such as bulk-buying bots and fake ticketing, the Blockparty team set out to make event-going fairer and more enjoyable for all. Using sophisticated technology, Blockparty ensures that the security of ticket-holders is maximized, the reseller market is controlled, and fraudulent ticketing is avoided. Blockparty aims to bring a long-overdue wave of innovation to the ticketing space that hasn’t been seen in decades since the advent of purchasing tickets online.

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