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Built.io Flow

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Built.io Flow is an end-to-end Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) suite that places unique focus on quick and easy enablement of integration workflows, connecting mobile apps, cloud services, social networking, devices and “things” via pre-built integration templates and model-driven design. With Built.io Flow, customers are able to seamlessly automate tasks and process in all areas of their business to gain a competitive edge, including mobile applications and IoT deployments – which 98 percent of companies identify as an important initiative as organizations gravitate towards digital transformation. What makes Built.io Flow unique is that it has leveled the playing field for integrating systems on multiple platforms, putting the power of digital transformation into the hands of all employees in an organization, not just developers and IT administrators. Thanks to its intuitive and zero-training user interface, it empowers self-service business users and citizen integrators to perform automation. Furthermore, Built.io is 100% cloud-based, meaning customers can design, deploy and monitor integration within minutes, without any installation or setup. Now backed by Software AG, one of the largest software vendors in the world, Built.io Flow enables powerful enterprise integration as customers seek to create more digital businesses. For example, the official Sacramento Kings App is powered by Built.io Flow, which enables fans to do things like find parking or upgrade seats in the venue with an interactive map, or make gameplay predictions in real-time. The app runs twice as many game updates as ESPN’s app during the same timeframe thanks to true real-time integrations made possible by Built.io Flow.

Press and media coverage

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