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Kazuhm is a commercial-grade distributed computing workload platform that empowers organizations to maximize compute resources—from desktop, to server, to cloud—saving time and money, while improving security. Compatible across Windows and Linux operating systems, Kazuhm offers simple, central installation to securely and efficiently recapture unused processing power to boost productivity at a fraction of the cost. Kazuhm helps companies across sectors discover and exploit existing compute nodes within their organizations. Specifically, Kazuhm addresses three prominent issues problems plaguing IT personnel today: •Cloud computing costs are expected to reach $72 billion in 2019. Kazuhm harnesses owned internal compute resources to process workloads instead of sending them to the cloud to reduce costs. •The advent of AI and expansion of the IoT will cause the HPC server market to reach $20 billion in 2022. Kazuhm helps organizations minimize incremental spend by enabling them to make the most of their on-premise compute assets to efficiently process HPC workloads. •Approximately 91% of companies are concerned about cloud security, with 18% having identified an incident in the last year. Because Kazuhm enables data to be processed on an organization's own desktops and servers within their own facility, data, and valuable IP never leave the premises and are more secure.

Press and media coverage

• https://www.sdbj.com/news/2018/oct/18/sd-startup-helps-corporations-harness-power-unused/ • https://socaltech.com/kazuhm_gets_funding_for_distributed_computing_software/s-0076377.html • https://app.luminpdf.com/viewer/CTim3GGqhzsp3QgjB