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In June 2016, Habitat began by asking the following questions: if the goal is to quickly and safely build, deploy, and manage applications, what would happen if users took an application-centric perspective on the problem? Rather than starting from the enterprise point-of-view, what if they simply focused in on what it means to be easy to build, easy to manage, and easy to deploy? Chef’s answer to these questions is what they refer to as “application automation.” Its discovery was simply that automation must travel with the application, rather than be provided by the platform. Everything the application needs, from build dependencies, run-time dependencies, configuration, dynamic topologies, deployment strategies, secrets management, security auditing, and so on, belongs with the application, since it is developed for the application. Runtime and infrastructure layers exist to support the application, but the efficient building, deployment, and management of the application are decoupled from those layers. The result is that Chef can take an application, wrap it in a layer of application automation, and the resulting package can be deployed on the infrastructure or runtime that suits it best. In October 2017, Chef launched Habitat Builder, the SaaS-based service (based on open source Habitat) that provides the fastest and most consistent way to package any application for deployment and provides a consistent way to package applications for deployment and management across flexible cloud-native architectures such as those comprising Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry, both on-premises and in-cloud.

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