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ONTRAPORT’s integrative Campaign Builder allows users to easily build marketing automation and business processes with one visual mapping builder. The tool bridges the gap for novice and advanced users, with a marketplace that allows you to select pre-built campaign templates, and the ability to build advanced logic maps from scratch. Unique to the cloud based Campaign Builder is the visual experience of performance reporting. With the new tool, users can visualize live numbers and performance metrics of their sales funnel, paid advertising, employee tasks, bottlenecks and more from the same editor that they built the funnel or process in the first place. No need to integrate, pull or push data and remember multiple logins. The innovation came from the needs of the company, who uses the tool for their own business. Founder and CEO, Landon Ray is a big advocate of innovation and says that business owners must “try smart ideas fast” and with this tool he and users of the builder now can build and report on smart ideas that much faster.

Press and media coverage

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