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Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces

About technology

Red Hat is the world’s leading enterprise, open source software company across Linux, containers, Kubernetes, and cloud-native computing communities and projects. Built on the open Eclipse Che project, Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces is a server that delivers containerized developer environments and with a browser based IDE, running on OpenShift, to entire development teams instantly. CodeReady Workspaces provides the developer with a complete environment that includes all the tools and dependencies needed to code, build, test, run and debug applications, running in the cloud without the need to install anything on a local machine. The workspace enables customers to deliver value faster to the core of their business by: Eliminating the “It works on my machine” problem Providing container-native development environment that mirrors production Offering developers as much freedom as they are used to with traditional IDEs Giving IT enhanced security over software intellectual property and the same control as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) Instant setup environment setup for new team-members CodeReady Workspaces provides fast onboarding capabilities for teams with powerful collaboration, workspace automation and management at scale. The platform delivers an easy way to increase protection of software development intellectual property while providing a consistent development environment for the entire team.

Press and media coverage

Sample media mentions of Eclipse Che in the last year: Linux Journal Sharing Docker Containers across DevOps Environments https://www.linuxjournal.com/content/sharing-docker-containers-across-devops-environments JAXenter Eclipse Che 6.0 adds OpenShift support https://jaxenter.com/eclipse-che-6-0-adds-openshift-support-141141.html Container Journal Red Hat Details Container Strategy https://containerjournal.com/2018/05/09/red-hat-details-container-strategy/ EnterpriseTech Red Hat Buys Container Startup CoreOS https://www.enterprisetech.com/2018/01/30/red-hat-buys-container-startup-coreos/ ZDNet When it comes to cloud-based PHP development, the sticking point is the debugger https://www.zdnet.com/article/when-it-comes-to-cloud-based-php-development-the-sticking-point-is-the-debugger/