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The Python IDE for professional developers. PyCharm offers a unique coding experience for productive Python, Django, and web development. Choose the full-fledged Professional Edition, the free open-source Community Edition, or PyCharm Edu for learning (or teaching) programming easily. JetBrains PyCharm offers a complete set of tools for professional Python developers. PyCharm is built around an editor that deeply understands the code, and a debugger that gives a clear view of the code in action. PyCharm offers integration with collaboration tools like version control systems and issue trackers. The Professional Edition expands on the essentials by adding seamless integration with web frameworks, JavaScript tools, virtualization and containerization support. A key aspect of programming is understanding the codebase you’re contributing to. PyCharm makes this easy by handing you industry leading code navigation tools. PyCharm ensures you can explore your project with a few keystrokes, gives you an overview of the project structure, and gives you access to the relevant documentation right from the editor. Understanding a codebase faster means making meaningful contribution faster, and speeding up your development process. Key Features • Available on Windows, macOS, and Linux • Code assistance: smart completion, one-click navigation, and PEP8 style inspections • Safe and automated refactoring across your project • Automatically detect code issues: e.g. unused code analysis • Industry leading high-performance debugger • Vim-emulation mode

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JetBrains ups its style and refactoring game in PyCharm and GoLand v2018.3 https://devclass.com/2018/11/26/pycharm-and-goland-2018-3-release/ Top 5 IDEs for Python https://jaxenter.com/top-5-ides-code-editors-python-146136.html PyCharm is the #1 tool for Python according to the Python Developers Survey 2017 by PSF http://pyfound.blogspot.com/2018/03/python-developers-survey-2017-results.html These are far from all, just a couple of recent ones