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Temboo's Software Toolkit

About technology

IoT represents unprecedented opportunities in cutting costs, reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency and more, but building software systems for IoT is more challenging than usual. Consequently, programming IoT systems is more challenging than the majority of programming tasks. Temboo is the first of its kind ‘no code’ solution aimed at the burgeoning ‘new collar workforce’. The company set out to help workers gain the skills needed to enable digital transformation at businesses of any size, all over the world. Temboo's generated code takes into account the desired architecture, chipset, sensors, actuators, and other details to create unique solutions for customers' needs. The code also comes optimized for the application and its configuration details so that it minimizes power consumption and memory usage among other benefits. Customers aren’t limited to proprietary hardware. Temboo software libraries ship on millions of development boards from companies like Arduino and Texas Instruments. For others, Temboo’s SDKs and Cloud APIs can be used. Whether retrofitting existing machinery or building something new, Temboo offers flexibility and expertise on combining equipment from different manufacturers. Temboo customers can see the status of their devices on the Temboo website. Updated graphs of sensor data are available for every device and sensor. Web-based controls that can switch pins off and on and adjust output power to connected lights, motors or other actuators.

Press and media coverage

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