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CodeStream is a service that helps development teams discuss, review, and understand code. CodeStream makes it easy to talk about code directly in your IDE and saves all of the discussion about your code with your code. Conversations become documentation, building a knowledge base behind your codebase. With CodeStream, answers are shared and problems are solved faster, all resulting in better code. Investors include Y Combinator, S28 Capital, PJC and Brightstone. The founders of CodeStream have built several successful companies together including Commissioner.com (sold to CBS Sports), Multiply (sold to Naspers), Glip (sold to RingCentral) and Ask.com (sold to IAC).

Press and media coverage

Here are a few. Thanks! https://techcrunch.com/2018/03/08/codestream-wants-to-move-developer-chat-straight-to-the-source-code/ https://blog.ycombinator.com/8-companies-from-yc-winter-2018/ https://remedypointsolutions.com/blog/ny-community/startup-spotlight-codestream-at-developer-week/ https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/16/codestream-lets-you-collaborate-and-talk-directly-in-vs-code/ http://techcompanynews.com/codestream-recently-raised-3-2m-as-a-part-of-the-y-combinator-winter-2018-batch/