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Static analysis has become very important in the world of software development today. However, static analysis tools so far have either been very light or very complicated, often making them unsuited for daily use by the developers. Also existing static analysis tools have essentially been an issues list generator. Given the shortcomings of the existing tools, Germany-based company Acellere has developed an intelligent static analysis platform called Gamma. Gamma not only helps users find hotspots in code in real time, it also uses a deep neural network to provide recommendations in fixing the hotspot. It learns with every commit and develops new rules by itself by analyzing anti-patterns in repository using its intelligent algorithm. Additionally it works for over 10 programming languages today. We spent 7 years developing the platform and launched it earlier in 2018. Already we have thousands of users using it including the open source community and additionally large corporates across the world have signed up for enterprise deals. Gamma is the static analysis tool for the future and is being trained with billions of lines of open source software everyday, so that our users can learn from the planet and write better software. It plugs into the IDE so that developers get feedback as they write code thus being a champion in the shift left movement in the software development world.

Press and media coverage

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