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Vidyo’s Vidyo.io communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) empowers users, across any industry, to quickly and easily embed high-quality video into apps on any device, no matter if it is built on a public, private or hybrid cloud environment. By utilizing its cloud-based infrastructure, Vidyo.io routes video streams in real time through automatically discovered access points. This minimizes connectivity issues and provides end users with reliable, multi-party video collaboration. Vidyo knows that ensuring a good quality connection is especially important for mobile platforms or those in poor network conditions, such as a group of remote employees who live in rural areas who have to meet to collaborate. That is why Vidyo created a CPaaS offering that is different from others in the market. Vidyo.io makes embedded video far more accessible for developers looking to rapidly integrate interactive real-time video communication into their own applications. The platform gives users the flexibility to customize video experiences specific to their organizational needs. Additionally, Vidyo.io enables a faster time to market by simplifying the complexity of building cross-platform interactive video with consistent cross platform APIs and Vidyo.io’s reference application is easily accessible through both Apple and Android App Stores. Building and strengthening relationships is key to any business, and in today’s increasingly digital world Vidyo.io allows companies to bring human emotion into every interaction.

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