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Agora Video SDK

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Add tags The Agora Video SDK enables you to add in-app real-time communications to increase interactivity between users!  The SDK includes the following features to enhance the app experience:  - Audio and video communication: sub-second extremely low latency audio and video communication.  - Packet Loss: Sustains smooth live video experience even in case of up to 60% packet loss.  - Worldwide region coverage: With over 200 data centers globally, Agora.io allows you to scale your app globally without borders.  The Agora Video SDK is optimized in size, CPU usage, and power consumption to ensure it does not affect the app performance. The SDK is compatible with wide range of platforms and over 5,000 different device OS versions (Android/ iOS/ MacOS/ Windows/ Linux/ Web

Press and media coverage

https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/agoraio-announces-70-million-in-series-c-funding-from-coatue-management-300753534.html https://venturebeat.com/2018/11/20/agora-raises-70-million-to-grow-its-voice-video-and-broadcasting-sdks-globally/ https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/agoraio-partners-with-bunch-to-bring-live-video-chat-to-popular-mobile-games-2018-07-05