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Mentioned in both Gartner and Forrester research, RavenDB is a pioneer in the newest database technology with over 2 million downloads and thousands of customers from Startups to Fortune 100 Large Enterprises. RavenDB is an open source NoSQL Operational Document Database that is fully transactional (ACID) across your database and throughout your cluster. For a fraction of the cost of a relational database, RavenDB offers high availability, high performance, and zero administration and self-optimization. It is designed as an easy to use all-in-one database, striving to minimize the need for third party addons, tools, or support. You can setup and secure a data cluster in minutes. RavenDB has a built-in storage engine, Voron, that operates at speeds up to 1 million reads per second and 150,000 writes per second on a single node. Watch our intro video at ravendb.net RavenDB Features include: Easy to Use: RQL Query language is based on SQL Works well with existing relational database. ETL feature and migration to Document model available. Multiplatform: C#, Node.js, Java, Python, Ruby, Go Multisystem: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Docker, Raspberry Pi Works efficiently on older machines and smaller devices Built in Full-Text Search, MapReduce, and Storage Engine Schema Free

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