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Hazelcast IMDG

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Hazelcast IMDG® Enterprise HD is built on the well known and widely adopted open source operational in-memory computing platform foundation that you’ve come to know and love. Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise HD guarantees the highest levels of performance and support for the ultimate scale-up and scale-out of your applications. IMDG Enterprise HD integrates powerful High-Density Memory Store (HDMS) technology across the most used data structures of IMDG Open Source for ultimate application speed and performance. HDMS eliminates Java garbage collection, allowing very large memory use for caching of data, and enabling the creation of huge caches. Most importantly, IMDG Enterprise HD features SSD-optimized, high-performance persistence with Hot Restart Store. Hot Restart Store allows huge caches to be restarted hot, with their data, rather than needing to reload data from other sources—solving the most important operational problem with huge caches. Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise is designed to run in any cloud with Discovery Service Provider Interfaces for AWS, Azure, Apache jclouds, Consul, etcd, Eureka, Heroku, Kubernetes, and Zookeeper. It provides native integrations for IaaS environments AWS and Azure Marketplaces as well as PaaS environments Pivotal® Cloud Foundry and OpenShift Container Platform. Hazelcast IMDG also includes deployment integrations for Docker, Hadoop, Yarn and Mesos. Hazelcast IMDG can integrate with any application through a rich set of cross-platform APIs and client plugins, as well as an Open Binary Client Protocol for development of your own APIs.

Press and media coverage

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