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Topaz for Enterprise Data

About technology

Topaz for Enterprise Data is part of the Compuware Topaz suite of mainframe development and testing tools. It enables developers and data architects to discover, visualize and work with both mainframe and non-mainframe data in a common, intuitive manner. Topaz for Enterprise Data enables a high level of application understanding, through graphical, intuitive visibility into mainframe code and data structures. As mainframe applications have been enhanced over many years, they have also become quite large and complex, and have not been well documented. The combination of complexity and poor documentation is a major impediment to core transformation goals including agility, efficiency and perhaps most of all, confidence – a high comfort level in working with mainframe code, without worrying about uptime, the customer experience, performance or security. The undocumented nature of mainframe applications and data structures often makes enterprise IT highly dependent on the personal knowledge of senior mainframe staff. If this expertise suddenly becomes unavailable, IT may be fearful of making any changes at all. Tools like Topaz for Enterprise Data, which aid in application understanding enable developers—of all skill levels—to quickly and easily see interrelationships between mainframe code and other applications and data, enabling them to work more nimbly while avoiding inadvertent mistakes.

Press and media coverage

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