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SWIM is an edge intelligence application runtime that builds and runs streaming applications that mirror real-world systems. It delivers edge intelligence from streaming data sources, enabling users and apps to respond in real-time while cutting costs and complexities. SWIM was built as a completely integrated solution for building scalable, end-to-end streaming applications. Instead of configuring a separate message broker, app server and database, SWIM provides for its own persistence, messaging, scheduling, clustering, replication, introspection and security. Because everything is integrated, SWIM seamlessly scales across edge, cloud and client for a fraction of the infrastructure and development cost of traditional cloud application architectures. The SWIM model is a graph of distributed, concurrent and stateful digital twins of real-world systems. Digital twins link to each other to collaboratively and continuously compute powerful insights – analytics, learning and prediction, relational, map-reduce and graph queries and other edge computing functions. Using SWIM, applications can intelligently analyze raw edge data to provide real-time insights, aggregate multiple streams to identify correlations or anomalous behavior, or observe and learn from data streams to predict critical events. SWIM automatically optimizes utilization of available compute resources, so streaming applications can achieve massive scale without limiting real-time performance. SWIM applications also provide for resilience to failure, continuous data security, load balancing and adapt to handle poor connectivity. SWIM runtime instances change the internet of things into a secure, active web of things by enabling a distributed graph of twins to link and share insights independent of their instance or locality.

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This product will be launching at DeveloperWeek and therefore has not been exposed to media at this time.