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MariaDB TX 3.0

About technology

What application developers need from databases - and how they interact with them - is dramatically different today. MariaDB TX 3.0 a modern, general purpose database designed to meet this changing environment. For developers working in Java, .NET and Node.js (among others), MariaDB TX 3.0 offers modern SQL, built-in JSON functions, geospatial objects, temporal queries and user-defined functions – allowing for the easy creation of powerful but elegant queries. MariaDB TX 3.0’s built-in JSON functions enable the use of flexible schemas and semi-structured data without sacrificing data integrity and SQL. This allows developers to create new application features without waiting for schema changes, employ simpler data models and support emerging use cases while retaining the reliability of a transactional, relational database. MariaDB TX 3.0 is also the only open source database to implement temporal tables per the SQL specification, facilitating the querying of data as it existed at a previous point in time. Temporal tables are transparent to the application and are continuously updated to provide a history of changes. This history can then be accessed through standard SQL commands. MariaDB TX 3.0 also provides window functions that eliminate the need for complex application-side logic and expensive subqueries when issuing many analytical queries. Developers and the database are more efficient when a single SQL statement can be used to generate quickly generate many reports. MariaDB customers include Deutsche Bank, DBS Bank, Nasdaq, Red Hat, The Home Depot, ServiceNow and Verizon.

Press and media coverage

BetaNews — MariaDB launches Oracle compatible enterprise open source database https://betanews.com/2018/05/24/mariadb-enterprise-open-source-database/ Computer Technology Review — MariaDB TX 3.0 offers open source database; delivers data protection, purpose-built storage engines, temporal processing http://wwpi.com/2018/05/25/mariadb-tx-3-0-offers-open-source-database-delivers-data-protection-purpose-built-storage-engines-temporal-processing/ Daily Host News: MariaDB open sources MariaDB TX 3.0 compatible with Oracle database https://www.dailyhostnews.com/mariadb-open-sources-mariadb-tx-3-0 Datanami — 2018 Datanami Readers’ and Editor’s Choice Awards https://www.datanami.com/2018-datanami-readers-editors-choice-awards/ DBTA — Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2019 http://www.dbta.com/Editorial/Trends-and-Applications/Trend-Setting-Products-in-Data-and-Information-Management-for-2019-128507.aspx?PageNum=6 DBTA — MariaDB’s Latest Enhancements Include Temporal Processing, New Oracle Compatibility http://www.dbta.com/Editorial/News-Flashes/MariaDBs-Latest-Enhancements-Include-Temporal-Processing-New-Oracle-Compatibility-125280.aspx DevOps — MariaDB TX 3.0 Delivers First Enterprise Open Source Database to Beat Oracle, Microsoft and IBM https://devops.com/mariadb-tx-3-0-delivers-first-enterprise-open-source-database-to-beat-oracle-microsoft-and-ibm/ DZone — MariaDB TX 3.0 — First to Deliver on the Promise of Enterprise Open Source