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The Bonita application platform offers a mix of graphical tools, tooling, and frameworks for developers to create “living” process-based business applications. It provides out-of-the box tools, extensibility points, and coding capability to multidisciplinary technical teams to create, deploy, and update business applications. Bonita’s open APIs and extension points permit customization of user interfaces and integration with current and legacy enterprise platforms and systems. For every extension are always 3 interoperability choices: • Use out-of-the-box implementations • Find and install an implementation shared in the Bonita community • Develop a new one For example, front-end developers can graphically create engaging user interfaces using HTML5 and AngularJS technologies; back-end developers can connect the application to external systems through connectors, graphical widgets, REST and Java APIs, authentication services, user filters and more. The underlying architecture of Bonita applications manages interfaces between core functionality, user interfaces, integration connectors, rules scripts and application parameters. If changes are made to any of these in a running application, it will continue to function without interruption. Bonita Continuous Delivery also supports iterative development, continuous improvement, and continuous delivery for DevOps teams, enabling innovation as well as improvement. It includes tools and frameworks for continuous integration, multiple environment configuration, unit testing and provisioning by leveraging “best of breed” solutions such Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible and Amazon AWS. Bonita Intelligent Continuous Improvement offers process mining capability and Elastic Search to use process data to support end user decision making and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

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