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Developers want code to meet functional requirements and create value, but don’t want to worry about the process of deploying that code or the security implications of different deployment methods. Developers also want to make their code performant, but know that factors outside of their control (e.g. network latency), can make even the fastest application appear slow to end users Introducing StackPath EdgeEngine – a simple yet powerful serverless computing service that lets developers run code at the cloud’s edge without a server, virtual machine, or container. It is built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine and lets developers simply compose or paste scripts into the StackPath customer portal and assign them to routes on their delivery sites. The script is immediately deployed in all of StackPath’s advanced edge PoPs worldwide, ready to execute at the PoP closest to an end user whenever the designated script URL is called. Running that code in an isolated runtime environment at the edge means it is safe from vulnerabilities introduced by other software and away from any sensitive information, even if there was a compromise. Deploying at the edge also allows a developer’s code to execute close to a user, removing many of the previously uncontrollable network factors that contribute to slow user experiences. Developers can even implement responses to API queries directly at the edge, making them fast and removing a round trip request from the origin server.

Press and media coverage

DevOps: StackPath Launches EdgeEngine Serverless Computing, 11.27.18 SDxCentral: StackPath EdgeEngine Uses Serverless to Strip Edge Deployment Complexity, 11.29.18 ICYMI: StackPath rolls out server-less computing option, 12.1.18