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Harness is a Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service solution that enables engineers and DevOps teams to deliver code into production quickly, securely, and repeatably. While there is a legacy industry that operates in this space—Application Release Automation—the CD function that Harness represents is much more suitable for modern environments: cloud and microservices, particularly Kubernetes. Unlike other legacy ARA providers or other CD tools, Harness is extremely simple to set up and implement—Harness can be up and running in a day. In addition, Harness is unique in its use of Machine Learning to help verify deployments as well as roll back failures. It does this by integrating with the company’s existing monitoring and logging tools, then using a variety of algorithms to asses both response times as well as custom events related to a new release. If it’s found that the new release is creating unacceptable performance issues, Harness can initiate a rollback. By automating these key parts of the Continuous Delivery process—verification and rollback—Harness customers typically save countless hours a week and hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering peoplehours. For example. Build.com used to have seven DevOps engineers overseeing each production release—now they only use one single junior engineer, who lets Harness automate the process.

Press and media coverage

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