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Snapt Application Delivery Controller (ADC)

About technology

The Snapt ADC was created to address the change in the requirements of services today - DevOps is looking at platforms as a whole, focusing on the delivery of the application and all the components that are included in that. Snapt enables DevOps style deployments to utilize ADC technology in modern environments. Snapt is a powerful and importantly customizable and lightweight solution, where existing brick and mortar solutions in the ADC space are too bulky and not customizable enough to deliver on the needs of "future" products. The Snapt ADC is a software-only application delivery controller solution that was designed to be flexible, customizable, fast and easy to use. Snapt provides next-generation application delivery - it is the ultimate load balancer, web accelerator and application firewall for DevOps, cloud and virtualized deployments, and was designed to power fast, secure delivery of business-critical applications anytime, anywhere, on any device, platform or cloud-based infrastructure. Comparatively, the Snapt ADC can solve for a broader range of enterprise requirements and is rated best-in-class as it meets a unique issue within the industry - the need for a well-supported, feature-rich and cost-effective solution that is container-ready. The Snapt ADC provides customers with more features and better customer service for much less than the competition, with a focus on the performance and metrics that are important to DevOps.

Press and media coverage

https://www.crn.com/slide-shows/applications-os/the-10-hottest-devops-technology-startups-of-2018/10 http://vmblog.com/archive/2018/08/07/snapt-talks-software-only-adcs-and-global-expansion.aspx#.XBEjwy3Mzox https://rackn.com/2018/10/22/podcast-dave-blakey-of-snapt-on-radically-different-adc/