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Plutora - Plaftorm / Delivery Analytics (value-Stream Management)

About technology

Digital transformation in the enterprise is an extensive, multi-year endeavor. Enterprise applications are heterogeneous and highly interdependent. Release pipelines are multi-faceted, encompassing both faster moving Agile projects and slower moving legacy systems. Large, diverse teams are geographically dispersed and require a massive coordination effort. Automation has produced silos of information with limited visibility to the broader team. The data required to evaluate IT performance is fragmented at the release level, and essentially non-existent at the portfolio level. How can you improve if you can’t measure? Plutora enhances data correlated across the toolchain with pre-built analytics and metrics focusing on key factors of your delivery velocity. Visualize metrics to evaluate software delivery as a system to drive out waste, identify constraints, and compare value stream maps between teams and their own history. By improving interaction between teams, systems and processes, work is naturally more efficient, faster, and higher quality. Identified choke points can be evaluated, automated, and verified faster once addressed with the built-in performance and stability metrics.

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