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Affirm was founded with a mission to deliver honest financial products and services that empower consumers and improve lives. Our goal is to revolutionize the banking industry to be more accountable and accessible to consumers by evolving the traditional underwriting model and reinventing consumer credit. We've created a way to offer honest consumer financing that is fully aligned with the best interests of consumers, in addition to being simple and transparent. Today, Affirm provides millions of shoppers an alternative to traditional credit cards at the point of sale, offering them the flexibility to buy now and make simple monthly payments for their purchases over time. Unlike payment options that have compounding interest and unexpected costs, Affirm shows customers upfront exactly what they’ll pay each month — with no hidden fees and no surprises. We currently partner with more than 1,800 merchants from fashion brands to home furnishings, giving shoppers the option to pay with Affirm at checkout.

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A sampling of media coverage: https://www.affirm.com/press-archive/