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Fraud Wrangler

About technology

Fraud Wrangler is an innovative product that helps merchants reduce fraud and prevent chargebacks. It’s a gateway-based system that was specifically designed for businesses that depend on e-commerce and card-not-present transactions. Each element of Fraud Wrangler (Frictionless 3DS, Fraud Shield, Chargeback Interception, Representment, Post-Termination Refunds) provides a unique benefit that enhances its effectiveness and ensures increased security and protection for merchants. The ultimate goal of Fraud Wrangler is to keep chargebacks under 1%.

Press and media coverage

https://trademarks.justia.com/880/93/fraud-88093990.html https://www.nationalmerchants.com/team/barry-prentice/ https://www.nationalmerchants.com/barry-prentice-risk/